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Exploring Harmony mala, long

Exploring Harmony mala, long

130,00 €Price


108 beads of beautiful gemstones with all the vibrations and properties of two types of yellow jade, white agate, white jade, lava stone and a yellow jade guru bead. Length (from end to end) XXXX cm. Silver tone counter beads.


Each mala is one of a kind due to the nature of natural gemstones used. Each bead has its own unique nature and energy connecting them to nature. The beads and materials were thoughtfully chosen to make this mala special. Carefully hand knotted on strong twisted nylon multi-filament cord. Synthetic cord was chosen to make the mala last in heavy use and to make it fully vegan. Finished with a hand made cotton tassel.


Included: This mala comes in a custom made Fair Trade cotton pouch and a beautiful green storage box. Also included, is a description of the energy of the mala and the stones used in it. 


This mala is to be used, to be worn, to be lived. Giving it a home, a purpose, a life to live with you. 

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