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How to use your mala

Using your mala beads

As a meditation tool malas help you count and focus.


All you need to start meditation with your mala is a calm, comfortable, quiet place to sit, 10-15 minutes of uninterrupted time and of course your mala!


Choose a mantra, intention or affirmation you want to meditatie on or you can simply focus on your inhale and exhale.


Japa mediation

Once you’ve found your seat, hold your mala in your dominant hand with the tassel facing towards you and connect with the energy of the beads. Many people hold the beads between the middle finger and thumb as some religious traditions avoid using the index finger.


Start by closing your eyes and taking a couple deep cleansing breaths to settle in. Bring your focus and attention onto your mantra, intention or affirmation.


Start on one of the beads right next to the guru bead and move along the mala one bead at a time.  Each bead and each movement in an opportunity to focus on your breath, mantra, affirmation or intention.


This process creates positive spiritual energy – known as ‘japa.’


Move slowly and with intention, turning each bead individually between your fingers.


When using a full length mala you will go through 108 repetitions of your chosen mantra. The mantra is not repeated on the guru bead. If you want to continue your meditation practice for more than one round through your mala, simply reverse direction once you reach the guru bead.


Your mala may have counter beads to help you know where you are in your practice. These beads are there just for information, so no mantra repetition on them either.

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How to wear your mala

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