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Creating your meditation space

Setting up for success

A dedicated meditation space works as an antidote to the sensory overload of life.

The practice of meditation doesn’t require much. In its simplicity all you need is a moment of time for yourself. But as simple as sitting down in silence seems, meditation is a challenging practice that requires discipline.

One way to ease the transition from everyday life to your meditation practice is to create a dedicated space for your practice, a sanctuary for your journey within.


Personal sanctuary

Having a dedicated space for your practice that has all the props you need to sit comfortably and any other tools you use for your meditation ready and waiting can help you make that transition to a more calm state.


Your meditation space could be a separate room or simply a corner in your bedroom where you can sit undisturbed.

Elements for a special zone

Think about the elements you want around to support you moving inwards. Think about what you could clear or transform to make this space your special zone.


What do you need to make your body comfortable? Pillows, cushions, a blanket or maybe a stool or a chair. Maybe keep a notebook here for post meditation journaling. 

How can you create the right mood? Think about the lighting, do you want a candle. Think about scents, airing the space out before you start, maybe you want essential oils or fresh flowers.


Have everything ready for you in one spot.

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