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the simple miracles.

present moment and

Yoga, mala beads and tools 


Mala beads

NovaNorth mala beads are handmade in Finland. Each piece is hand knotted with love between every bead with real gemstones from around the globe to support your meditation practice. Traditionally a mala has 108 beautiful beads and a “guru bead”, which is larger than the rest. Each piece is truly unique due to the nature of the natural gemstones. All malas are cleansed in the vibrations of a Tibetan soundbowl and ready to receive your personal intention.

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What is NovaNorth

NovaNorth is here to support and aid in your yoga and meditation practice - to help you pause, connect with your inner voice and float in the now.


My  hope is to inspire your journey to yourself in the now and to support you wherever you are with guided classes and  meditation tools - personal talismans - rooted in intention and beautiful design. Each unique mala carries within it intelligence born deep from mama Earth to resonate with your personal practice and intention.

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NovaNorth founder Noora is a yoga teacher, Sound Bath practitioner, Thai Yoga Massage therapist and a customer insight specialist residing in Helsinki, Finland. A self-taught mala maker, Noora has always been drawn to create beautiful things by hand. After hand knotting more malas than one person needs and can share with friends and family, she decided to set up NovaNorth to share her creations with the world. 

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