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Amethyst - Fluorite



Intuition, trust, spirituality

Amethyst is known as a protective stone. It helps to clear the mind of negative thoughts, stress and anxiety. Its high frequency purifies the aura and helps you to create a protective field of light around you to remain clear and centered. Meditate with amethyst to dispel darkness and initiate wisdom and greater understanding.

Blue aventurine.png

Blue aventurine

Calming, independence, growth

Blue aventurine promotes growth, knowledge and honesty to oneself. It supports you to explore with compassion and gives courage to achieve your goals. Associated with the throat and third eye chakras it is a great companion for meditation. It will support you in letting go of bad habits and negativity through listening to your inner voice.

Green aventurine.png

Green aventurine

Opportunity, prosperity, luck, growth

Known as the “stone of opportunity”, green aventurine is perfect for manifesting. Green aventurine activated the heart chakra and is a strong comforter and heart healer. It supports in finding inner harmony and balance.

Australian bloodstone.png

Australian bloodstone

Healing, grounding, courage, vitality, energy

Bloodstone is a stone of movement. It helps to restore and rebuild the mind and body. Stimulating the root chakra, it helps energy to flow in body, mind and spirit.  It supports you in returning back to your natural state of vitality and joy. As it encourages dreaming and intuition, it is great for increasing creativity and taking your plans from idea to reality.