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Guided meditations to slow down the mind and linger in the now. 

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Scent meditation.png

Meditation - Scent meditation


This guided meditation explores our sense of smell and the power of scent. 

All you need is a comfortable seat and something to smell - this could be a flower, herbs, tea of coffee, fruit or essential oils for example. The choice is yours, just try choose something natural.

How to use mala.png

Meditate - How to use your mala


As a meditation tool malas help you count and focus. They can be your guide for your meditation. 

In this video we learn the basics of mala meditation.

More coming soon!

Setting up to sit.png

Meditate - Setting up to sit


Finding a comfortable seat for your meditation or other seated practices is key in building the best possible circumstances for grounding and quieting the mind.

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